Video - The Ssangyong Memorial Service attacked by South Korean Cops-

Videa SSang Yong Family The Ssangyong Memorial Service attacked by South Korean Cops-

The Ssangyong Memorial Service attacked by South Korean Cops-

In the past 3 years, 22 persons (laid-off Ssangyong Motors workers and their families) were dead (11 by suicides and other 11 by diseases like cardiacinfarction, miserable stresses of livelihood, experiences of violence comitted by combat cops in 2009..) under the state of unemployment and unstable jobs. The year 2009, the Ssangyong Motors dismissed 2646 workers, and earlier, the company had dismissed more than 1000 irregular workers in ordiany times often and often. Worker's strike was put down by S.Korean combat cops with horrible violence in 2009. And the company didn't carry out the agreement about reinstatement of no-pay suspension. Recently, The police and the Ssangyong Motors security officers and managers have attacked and demolished the Ssangyong Memorial Service (established by worker's union and many solidary organizations in front of 'Daehanmun',Seoul and Pyeongtaek factory) over and over again. 24.May.2012, The Police and Junggu Disrict Office have attacked the SSangyong Memorial Service, Daehanmun again. and many workers and students were arrested by the Police. But struggles are contagious. South Korean worker,s struggles aimed to frustrate rampant massive lay-offs and irregular works will be continued and expanded. As already reported, last Sat.(5.19) thousands of activists took the streets in downtown Seoul to support the struggle of the dismissed SsangYong workers, damanding their re-employment(more info you'll get here!)... And today the "authorities ...



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