Video - New car presentation for 'Chairman W'

Videa SSang Yong Chairman New car presentation for 'Chairman W'

New car presentation for 'Chairman W'

SEOUL, Korea(AVING) SsangYong Motor held a new car presentation for the 'Chairman W', its flagship large sedan, in Seoul on February 27. The ergonomic design-based indoor space, which strikes a balance between elegant curves and straight lines, offers various devices to ensure the highest level of comfort. Among the two engine line-ups, the Benz V8 'XGi5000 engine', which is the largest domestic vehicle engine size in Korea, offers 306 horse power and a flat torque that was not available in gasoline engines; thereby ensuring an optimal driving performance in any conditions. In terms of pricing for the Chairman W, the CW700(3600cc level) ranges from 59 million won to 86.5 million won, while the V8 5000(5000cc level) ranges from 87,7 million won to 102 million won.

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