Video - @32NDBiMS - Ssangyong Korando

Videa SSang Yong Korando @32NDBiMS - Ssangyong Korando

@32NDBiMS - Ssangyong Korando

Let's say it's the last vid about new vehicle hilight from 32NDBiMS. I just decided to film again, because this time here Ssangyong has brought and exhibited a true Thai spec Korando with RHD, 6AT and AWD. This latest RV from Ssangyong is definitely different unlike any previous Ssangyongs that came before it, but it just beared the old name of Ssangyong's Jeep-duplicated model which means "Korea Can Do". Inside and out derived only from C200 concepts, to be an advanced Ssangyong vehicle yet.

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