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2013 SsangYong Korando Sports

The vehicle was first presented as the SUT-1 (sport utility) concept at international motor shows in 2011, and in production ready form at the 2012 Geneva Motor show. SsangYong Korando Sports brings a new level of refinement to the market place, blending the suspension, engine and cabin finesse of a passenger car, the silhouette, space and seating for five that's typical of a double cab, and the rugged workmanlike ability of a commercial pick-up. This new Korando Sports will appeal to those who need a working vehicle, the practicality of 4 wheel drive, the towing capability to haul up to 2.3 tonnes yet also the appointments of a family car. Whether towing a work trailer or horsebox, ferrying the crew to site or the children to school, SsangYong Korando Sports will meet a range of different demands. "This is more a passenger car with pick-up versatility," said Paul Williams, CEO of SsangYong Motor UK. "Consequently, it offers refinements that few of our competitors can match. "SsangYong has a growing reputation for building extremely competent off-road vehicles, and the new SsangYong Korando Sports draws on this pedigree. It's an honest, reliable and highly capable vehicle yet extremely well equipped, and pound for pound will outclass many more expensive rivals." Added Steve Gray, marketing and communications director: "To be able to launch an all-new model into the UK so soon after the Korando crossover is great news for us as the importer and our rapidly expanding dealer ...

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